5 Reasons to consider Visitor Management System over Manual Entry Books

Security has been on the top of priority list of every facility these days. Be it a school, hospital, hotel or corporate tower, the need to administer and monitor visitors is imperative. Though the traditional techniques such as filling in the details in manual entry books existed since a long time, yet they are not completely successful.

While looking for various solutions to minimize security breaches vandalism and threats, in your office or society, Visitor Management has been an unsurpassable solution. Along with providing safety and security, it also avail your visitors with easy and hassle free check-ins.

There are a lot of arguments that proves the importance of Visitor Management System over manual entry books, a few of them are listed below:

1. Security – Visitor Management System ensures effective and efficient security of your premises. Unlike the manual entry books where visitors used to made their entries which may or may not be true. Moreover, each of your visitors could access your guest list easily. A huge invasion of privacy. The system verifies each of your visitor’s detail by sending a One Time Password (OTP) along with real time check-in, there is no scope for any guest of yours to enter fake details.

2. Accuracy & Reliability – As stated above, Visitor Management Software verifies the visitor’s data via OTP. Hence, the information of your guest is accurate and there are no chances to get them altered. This makes the data so recorded reliable enough to use as and when required.

3. Pre- registration – The system holds great importance for a plenty of reasons, most significant of them being the feature of pre-registering your visitors. While in manual entry books the person who enters your premises fill in their details, whereas once you implement Visitor Management System in your premise, you can pre register your visitors letting your security officials know about the expected individuals. This results in lowering accumulation of visitors in your front desk area.

4. Effective Monitoring – Not each of your security officials can accompany your visitor or can check if the visitors are not roaming around. Visitor Tracking Software aids in effective monitoring by availing the ‘Meeting Over’ function where the front-desk executives/security officials would come to know about the visitors who should be leaving the premises once the host presses the button.

5. Enduring Impact – Your visitor should feel valued once they come to your office/building. Asking to fill in your manual entry books will definitely not be the thing. Visitor Management System creates a long-lasting impression on your visitors. It maintains your security gracefully and let your guests feel equally important.