mPass POC at DLF Cyber City

Corporate parks in India are becoming the largest growing sector ever. With a large number of MNC’s coming up in India every year, real estate builders are leaving no voids to avail lavish properties with top facilities. CCTV cameras, high security alarms, access management and various others, which are blended with technology to enhance the customer experience along with security. Visitor Management is yet unnoticed!

DLF, a premier real estate company in India since decades, has become a counterpart of citified lifestyle for homes, offices and retail spaces. It has always focused on enhancing customer experience through constant innovation.

In a recent discussion, DLF’s top executives got attracted to mPass VMS and were inclined to witness the value addition it would create in their properties.

mPass recently set up a POC at DLF, Cyber Greens, Gurgaon to ensure swift check-ins for visitors.

mPass at DLF

mPass provides hassle free digital visitor management along with swift check-in and incredible visitor experience. The product enables DLF staff to manage multifold volumes of visitors of various kinds within seconds.

While earlier, there were unorganized visitor records, exposed log books, long queues of visitors waiting to fill the log books and check-in then. Now, the visitors can check-in within seconds over mPass Kiosk. The traditional check-in method of filling log books and keeping them for records is both tedious and cumbersome. Additionally, to manage them is a manpower dependant high effort job. Why not just go digital?

mPass at DLF

mPass took less than an hour to set up and run at DLF and is now up and running. We hope to deliver an amazing customer satisfaction upto the standards of DLF.

To learn more about mPass and how it can improve visitor management at your property, please contact us.