Simplifying check-ins at JLL's CIWG- North East

mPass Visitor Management System has recently been a part of JLL’s CIWG – North & East held on April 8, 2017.

Eradicating traditional check-in methods which nearly every organization or event has been using to make a record of their visitors or guests, mPass makes visitor check-ins swift like never before.

The guests were checking-in over self check-in kiosk. The process limited itself to only entering the guest’s phone number. As the guests enter his/her phone number, their visitor pass arrived on the screen. All they need to do is press check-in, get their photo clicked.

Those who were not pre-invited were required to enter their details in the kiosk, get their photo clicked and check-in.
mPass has also managed visitor’s check-in in Back to Basics Workshop held on March 30 in Jaipur.
Unlike the times where visitor’s need to register themselves or the host carries a list of guests, availing them with their passes, mPass Visitor Management System simplified the visitor management process.

The guests were highly mesmerized and reported that this was an amazing experience as a visitor. Why to involve manpower when you have technology to assist!