Facets that must be present in a Visitor Management System

Are you too planning to implement visitor management system?

With the escalating conflicts in both commercial and political domain within the country, ‘security’ has become an important concern for the folks. The call for effective security measures has increased multifold.

Visitor Management Systems has definitely solved the issue by providing a technology that ensures security. The security officials trying to keep the track of each and every visitor and still not been able to record completely and accurately can now relax! Ain’t a great relief?

A visitor management system possesses a lot of attributes; it is your call to decide which ones are most relevant. Following are some of the basic features that should be present in a visitor management system:

It must encapsulate all the pertinent details – The aim of introducing visitor management system is to keep track of all the visitors that visit your organization and, therefore, it must capture all the relevant details of your guest. This includes name and basic contact details and the accurate time of visit. In advanced versions, it might include photo and identity proof too.

Self Check-in and out – You must make sure that your visitor management system is based on self check-in and out of your visitors. Even after incorporating such a technology for security, if your security officials/front office executives have to keep track of every single visitor then there’s no use of it. Hence, your system should avail self check-in and out of visitors so that your security officials just need to monitor them.

It should be easy to operate – Not each one of your visitor will be tech savvy or friendly with gadgets. So you must ensure that your system is easy to use for every guest. Along with maintaining security, you must check that your system is making your visitors comfortable also.

Prompt Notifications – An effective visitor management system notifies the host upon arrival of the guest and let the security officers know about the expected visitors in advance. This not only helps them to manage the meetings but also minimizes the time that a visitor needs to wait for accomplishing his purpose of visit.