Visitor Management System – A smarter way to welcome Visitors!

A lot has changed since the day when visitors were asked to check-in by filling in their details in the manual entry books. Usually, guests are not even asked for identification, neither there exist any surety that the details so filled are authentic or not.

Considering the current scenario of the country, there has been a substantial increase in the demand for security. The topmost priority of facility managers, security officials is to manage and monitor visitors in the best possible manner.

Visitor Management System has just solved the issue!

As digitalization is gaining momentum, your security management can also be digitalized. Implementing a visitor management system can easily protect your employees, assets and building. As the visitors will now be required to check-in using the tablet/kiosk with real time integration. Here, visitor’s identification is also confirmed by sending a onetime password (OTP) or by scanning the visitor identity proof (in advanced versions).

A visitor managements system is an astute means to manage your visitors. The system not only aids in capturing the visitor’s data but it also has its usability in generating pre-authorized passes for those who have scheduled appointments resulting into better management and less traffic in your reception area.

The data gets recorded in the host’s database which remains secure till the time you want. This information is reliable, accurate and permanently stored. Unlike the manual entry books, where every visitor can see the list of visitors arrived, VMS doesn’t allow anybody to access the data other than the host itself.

Moreover, creating a fancy workplace is not all what you need. It is equally important to take care of how you handle your visitors which might include your perspective clients, investors or guests. So what better than getting effective security and smart welcome simultaneously?

Therefore, it would be apt to conclude that VMS is a one-stop solution to all the hassles that your security officials face during day-to-day operations. It provides your visitors/guests with digital hospitality resulting in long-lasting impact.