VMS - Enhancing Security by means of Technology

‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic’ – Aptly quoted by famous author Arthur C Clarke.

The country has progressed from agricultural revolution to industrial revolution and has entered into information revolution. The significant growth in technology needs no proof to be justified. Virtual offices, easy communication over the globe via internet, storage and sharing of data, digitalization of information had been a few of the technological inventions that hold the limelight.

Visitor Management System is another one of them. With the rise in security breaches and privacy interventions, people are aiming to develop such security measures which are reliable and hassle free. We just found one!

VMS is a software that simplifies managing visitors at offices, residential societies, schools, corporate towers. It assists in getting through unsolvable problems such as storing the data of visitors for an infinite period of time, assuring that the entries so filled by the visitors are correct and reliable.

Unlike the manual entry books where visitors might or might not check-in, also each of your guest can access your visitor’s list, here in VMS, the visitor only needs to check-in filling all the relevant details over the kiosk. The data gets secured in the database. One might lose the manual entry books but the data here remains stored forever.

The image of the visitor also gets captured along with all his/her other information which makes it more useful to recognize the visitors as and when required. Additionally, the contact number entered by the visitor gets verified by sending a One Time Password (OTP) to his/her number. This way the details get validated.

The never ending queues that your front office managers/security officials face almost daily can also be easily handled with the use of VMS. As the hosts can pre-register visitors, thereby, letting your security officials know about the expected visitors in advance.

Visitor Management System is one of the most efficient means to enhance security. This technological innovation has led us to a more secured and digitalized era. What could be better than administering your visitors in a single tap?

Isn’t technology an amazing thing?